Heavy Haulage

Heavy Haulage Australia

Interstate Transport Companies like DRS keeps on growing and firms have to look for more ways to ensure they deliver to their clients. Transportation of heavy or bulk goods has now become a common work practice across the globe. Transport firms like DRS are challenged to have better ways of ensuring the customer gets his or her goods no matter how heavy they are.

Heavy Haulage interstateDRS Heavy haulage transport Australia is quickly picking up across the world. Heavy haulage transport is said to be the service of carrying heavy workload vehicles as the name suggests. Machines and equipments carried using this means of transport includes earth-moving machinery, oversize loads, mining and drilling equipments.

You don’t use the conventional transportation vehicles for heavy haulage transport. You need to have vehicles like prime movers, extendable trailers, drop deck trailers, pilot vehicles, tilt trays, flat top trailers and low spread low loaders to mention a few.

The risks involved in heavy haulage transport are high since the machines and equipments carried are of great value in monetary terms. Where there is damage or a loss of the equipments, the transportation firm can hence suffer a significant loss. Especially when taking risks to move Heavy freight from Sydney to Melbourne

Another risk with this kind of Heavy freight transport is in the case of oil and gas transportation. Some heavy haulage transport companies Australia get involved in petroleum products which are highly flammable. Though measures get put in place for the protection, it is a risky business in all.

Comparing the transportation between these two, light products with the transportation of heavy haulage, the risk is also high in heavy haulage. Investing in this transport involves investing heavily in terms of capital and assets for the work.

Heavy Haulage CompaniesIn this heavy haulage transport, you must ensure you have the right contractor and equipments. No customer would like to risk his or her earth-moving machine by having it carried by an inexperienced and incompetent driver. As a client, you want an assurance that your machine gets to your destination in the right shape. Most of these machines transported using heavy haulage transport get hired on contract, and you don’t want an accusation of breach of contract by your client.

Having the right equipments is an assurance to your customer who is asking for your services that the heavy machines he wants to have transported is going to get to the destination in good time and shape. The right equipments for your heavy haulage transport act as your advertisement to potential customers.

Having the right transport company coupled with the right heavy haulage owner drivers is paramount in moving heavy weight safely and quickly. It not only gives the client the confidence to work with your company but also that the job get done with care and professionalism. The driver knows very well that unless he is competent enough and pleases the client, he might as well lose his job. Having owner driver for the heavy haulage ensures there is a consistent daily transport. Especially when there is transport from Sydney To Canberra using DRS

A customer won’t come to ask for your services and turn them down for lack of a driver or inadequate equipment. The right equipment and owner operator ensures that your services are reliable, and there is on-time delivery.

Safety of the heavy machines to get transported is paramount in heavy haulage transport since the customer has highly invested in these machines.

A good heavy haulage transport company is one that gets dedicated to the transportation of the heavy machines, and this includes going out of it way to also provide an emergency service. The service is supposed to be a 24 hour and seven days a week service. The service ensures that the customer won’t find any problem asking for help be it in the weekend of even after hours of service.

The Interstate transport services offered by DRS using owners’ drivers ensures that there is direct transport from the warehouse straight to your client. Nothing is so disappointing than having to call a customer who is at the drilling site and inform him or her that there will be some delays in delivering the machines. The right equipment and driver ensure that there is the same day pick of the goods and one-day delivery.

Most of the heavy haulage transport companies get involved in the transportation of any of the following heavy equipments. Earth-moving machinery, heavy industrial components, farming machinery, engineering machinery and mining machinery and associated equipments

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